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"This concept of SOFISTYLES is a tribute to handmade enthusiasts and fanatics. A handmade gift is a clear indication of deep, strong and sincere intentions. Wear, flaunt and give handmade. Just 2 words.....DEEP & HEARTFELT"
                                                                                                          -Owner, Sofistyles

My favorite shop even before it became an etsy shop! Look what came today---
This beaded bracelet is embellished with Czech crystals, pewter pieces, aluminum chains and a 16x16mm Pewter Heart Charm. It is NON-TARNISH with utmost care!

These hand-twisted cord bracelets are available in various vibrant colors. Spell your initials or affiliations on your wrist! Shout out your one-word belief or philosophy! Keep your most cherished dates remembered and by the wrist.
Made with waxed cotton cord with 12-15mm Brass stamped focal on a Mother of Pearl platform.
.......and of course, it came with freebies! love it!

All these in a very pretty packaging =) visit her etsy shop @


  1. It was your favorite before it was an Etsy shop? How did you find the shop? Are these items you ordered? They're lovely!

    1. She is my childhood friend, but she lives in another country. and our kids are friends, they Skype and facetime =) she also made jewelry for both my daughters, she makes beautiful children's jewelry. funny, she didn't show any inclination of making jewelry when we were kids LOL

  2. Thanks for this lovely feature! I love making designs and adding surprises to every order. The experience for me is far more exhilarating when a close friend made the purchase! Yes, I was already selling handmade & personalized items at my website before I opened an Etsy shop :) Thanks again!!!

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  4. Whoa! Lovely stuff. Off to go browse at SofiStyles