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"Life is like a bowl of Jewels, Shiny and Addictive".
                                                     -Babbleon Jewelry

visit her Etsy shop @, what is your favorite item from Bonnie's shop? We'd like to know!

 1)  Tell me a little about yourself.

One day back in 2008, one of my friends at work came in wearing a really cute bracelet and necklace. I asked her "Where did you get that?" Her response was," I made it". So I started thinking maybe that would be something I could do. I looked online, bought books, and finally I bought a beading kit from a local craft store. Next thing you know, I am hooked. Except now I am buying the beads and coming up with my own designs.

When I started wearing my jewelry to work, my co workers would buy it right off me. I started making more and more and finally realized (with the help of my hubby) I should start selling it to help pay for my new habit, which consists of beads of all kinds, findings, jewelry books, etc. The rest is history.

My style could be considered everyday goodies for everyday people. I want to keep my prices low so everyday people can buy my designs. I discovered I can get great quality supplies for lower prices so I can keep my prices low.

It has been great fun to see myself grow as a designer. My goal is to one day be able to quit my day job (Quality Eng.) and only focus on what I love to do, making jewelry.

2) Where does your inspiration come from when crafting?
My inspiration come from all around me. I love color and the excitement of designing something new. I think my favorite jewelry is bracelets, watches and stretch rings. You can never have enough.

3) Who taught you and how did you learn to craft?
A friend of mine and I started beading together. It started with kits to learn the basics, a lot of video watching and a few classes.

4)  Any Specific Tips you have for newbie crafters starting a business in easy?
My advice to newbies would be to find a couple of great teams to join. The teams I belong to have been so supportive and helpful with promoting, tips, a great sounding board and terrific new friends.
Make sure you pictures are clear and not BLURRY!! We have all heard it a 100 times, the first picture is what your potential customer will see.

Stay positive and make sure every sale is as exciting as the first!!!

5) Name 3 websites you couldn’t live without.

Etsy of course is #1, Pintrest #2, Facebook #3

6)What are your 3 favorite shops and why.
 Favorite shops
#1 great ceramic/pottery beads.

#2 love the simplicity of her designs and her pictures are stunning.

#3 great customer service and terrific Czech Picasso Beads
 7) Where do you see your crafting business in 10 years?
I would love to see my shop being able to help support us so I can quit my day job!!!!


  1. I'm a big fan of Bonnie's jewellery, her watches are gorgeous.

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    Great interview!

  3. Thanks for the great blog Mary Ann. This is great.

  4. Bonnie, Congrats on the blog interview. You have great designs I am glad you were featured here. I appreciate you listing me as a favorite shop. You made my day! Cindy Kovar with CapturedMoments on Etsy

    1. Thank you Cindy. You know I love your items. Can't wait to get my latest ♥♥

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  6. Congrats Bon Bon ~ wonderful interview.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by and for promoting♥♥♥

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