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TREASURY MONDAY: Mind Your Manners

MIND YOUR MANNERS =) by mama chei on Etsy--Pinned with
1. SALE And COUPON Codes-Black T Shirt "Please Don't Interrupt Me While I'm Ignoring You" T Shirt. Bright Yellow Writing. Size XLG Fun, Humorous-

5. 25 Thank You Glycerin Soaps in A Single Scent and Color of your choice-

***WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ITEM FROM THE ITEMS ABOVE AND WHY? Voice your opinion in the comments below and be featured in the future boards of TREASURY MONDAY =)


  1. Thanks for including me in your Treasury Monday!
    I couldn't begin to choose a favorite - they are all so nice!
    Fun, funny, heart warming and creative! What's not to love?
    Thanks again!

  2. This looks great, thank so much for promoting our Etsy shops. ♥
    I agree with Jean (Soapy) hard to choose just one.

  3. I always enjoy your blogs so much Mary Ann. And I than you again for including my item. As Bettie and Jean exclaimed, I too like everything and don't want to have to choose JUST 1. But if I have to, I will, reluctantly,lol. I am going to choose.. umm, umm, Well I think Jeans lil gift soaps. I sure do not know how she does it as her creations astound me. I like these soaps as they are SO VERY versatile. A Zillion uses for a zillion occasions. AND a great price to boot. As a mostly Vintage seller, generally unless for a very special situation, I generally do not include gifts. I cannot really afford to :( Plus, everyone has such different tastes and a gift for all tastes and preferences is not so easy. These soap, if I can ever afford to buy again, are just perfect. One day..I have purchased from several shops and will hopefully purchase more. I love Kelly's work, Sarahs causes,Bettie knows. The scarfs look so soft and seem to be one for every persons tastes. Just everything and everyone :) Especially Mary Ann :D

  4. Oh darn ,somehow my first comment did not go through and I had included these shops and items too.I also faved each item as I checked out the shops more and all hat good stuff :) love all kinds of cards. Wish I could figure out how to PRINT my own. I have everything I need but don't know how I really should be able to figure it out. I realize it is not an easy process. STILL it should not b so hard for me. I just keep wasting materials. I always have loved baskets Have a bunch. I actually used create my own of various materials when I was a tween and then in college. Now, I could not even begin to go through the complex process of soaking,etc., let alone my hands not working well anymore. I have great respect for the love and time that goes into the process. I don't think people really know. Unless they know. Ya know : D