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Third Ear Travels

Up until 20 years  ago, I lived in the tropical country of the Philippines. This is where I learned to craft and get my inspiration for crafting. A few weeks ago, it was time to show my kids where I grew up. I'd like to share pieces of my travels with you:

"Dirty" Ice Cream, Delicious Ice Cream they sell on the streets

Time for some shopping!

bananas, bananas and more bananas!

beautiful flowers everywhere =)

taal volcano

breathtaking view from above

chow time!

drinking coconut milk, ahh refreshing!

The City of Pines =)


At my Dad's Farm

fire ants!!!!!!!!!!!! run!

time for some horseback riding

the President's Vacation home

Shopping again

Have you ever been to the Philippines? Let us know in the comments below , let's talk!


  1. Wow! I've never been on a personal tour of the Philippines like this! It's beautiful!

    I went to Catholic school here in Vancouver for 13 years, so I have many Filipino/a friends here, but have never been to the Philippines (though made it close when I was considering going to World Youth Day which was hosted there in '94, I think). Love the food (crazy cool jello flavors and of course fave!), the people (very caring) and culture (so fun loving!).

    Thanks for taking us along here...

    Popping over from the EBT...

    1. thanks melissa! it's beautiful! you should go sometime =)

      i would have love to go to world youth day but i just migrated then and was in school f/t, i was supposed to attend as part of the Focolare movement... where abouts are you in Canada?