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Look At Me, What Do You See?

1.original charcoal drawing husky blue eyes 14x17-
2. Evil Eye Belly Button Ring Jewelry Blue Hamsa Hand Fatima Charm Navel Piercing Bar-
3. Hematite and Blue Cat's Eye Heart Necklace Silver Plated Closure-
4. FREE SHIPPING. EARRINGS, Blue Glass Pearl, Siamese Cats-
5. Blue Flower Beaded Stretch Bracelet with Bunny Charm-
6. Pair Cool Blue Eyes Beads Crystal Rhinestone & Silver 18mm - Evil Eye BLING (P1001)-
7. Eye Charms -8pcs Antique Silver Blue Eye Connector Charm Pendants 15x30mm A203-3-
8. Antiqued Silver, Hasma Hand With Evil Eye And Mini Star Of David Charms.Double Dangle,Chain Earrings.Enhanced With Silver Glass Pearl Beads-

***WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ITEM FROM THE ITEMS ABOVE AND WHY? Voice your opinion in the comments below and be featured in the future boards of TREASURY MONDAY =)


  1. Thanks for including my bracelet! I'd have to say that the hematite heart necklace is my fave.

  2. I Really Like the hematite and cats blue eye necklace, Its very pretty! And I have purchased from this designer several times and know who work is very well put together!

  3. Mary Ann Thank you so much for including my earrings in yet another one of your great blogs.While all so different each piece is very special.The drawing of the amazing creature, the wolf with such compelling eyes. I actually thought it was a photo at first and still amazed. Beautiful Heminate necklace, so lovely crafted at an especially great value. No doubt to bring out a person complexion, eye color, outfit and MANY compliments. Fun,versatile Bunny Bracelet and Kitty Earring speak to my heart also as an animal lover. Great color and designs in each. Love the belly button ring. If I had a piercing there, something I would wear with great enjoyment. The crystal eyes oh so sparkling,piercing and fun as well. The connector eye charms really get me. If in real life they are the least bit as hypnotic as seen, surely to bring out many spirits to protect and serve. Such a difficult decision. I am going with... The WOLF.As mentioned I thought it was an AMAZING photo upon first glance. To create a work of art such as this, really is amazing. The ability to capture the essence of the creature in so many ways. Those much more than an enthusiast would see. Truly a spectacular piece of art in its own right and many others.As a once "real" artist and a very real art educator, I know what went into this incredible piece. Where others see it perhaps differently. Many with great appreciation, though also without the real understanding of the complexity of such a piece.SPECTULAR!!!!!!

  4. I would further like to add, that all shops posted here are amazing in their own right. Please check them out!