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Top Photographer

Here are our top Photographers. Pls enter in the comments below your pick for the top Photographer=) The Top Photographer gets ultimate bragging rights and a solo feature in my blog
1. -

2. -

3. -

4. -

5. -

6. -

7. -

8.  -

9. -

10. -

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  1. It's a tough choice, but I'm going to choose #10

  2. They are all so nice, but I think #6 is my pick

  3. Thanks so much Mary for including my photo. I posted your blog to Facebook.

  4. ooooh.. thank you so much for including me! Honestly, I like the tiger... #3 has my vote, and I will tell you why. Tigers, as with any wild animal, are extremely hard to get close enough to in order to get their expression on their face. Granted, this image leads me to believe it was taken in a zoo-like environment, but none the less is a great shot. Everyone up there is exceptional as photographers, so I am not omitting anyone or minimizing their work at all, it is just I look at the photo in terms of difficulty. The tiger is a great shot!

  5. I'd have to go with three.

  6. Songmountainfineart

    These are all so beautiful that I would have a hard time only choosing one ♥

  7. Tough decision. I think I will have to go with #2.

  8. Pretty pictures! I'm voting for #2.

  9. Choosing number 2. The daisy just pops right out!