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TREASURY MONDAYS: The Apple in the Garden of Adam and Eve

Adam was but human-this explains it all. He did not want the apple for the apple's sake, he wanted it only because it was forbidden.

1. Mill Hill Bead Apple Jar Brooch-
2. Digital, SWAN, Pear, & Apple GOURDS On a White, Road-Side Stand in Central Pennsylvania-
3.Barrel Of Apples Ceramic Pitcher And 4 Mugs Set. Cottage Chic/Kitch/Retro
4. Apple Core Vintage Embellishment - Jazz-Ups Handpainted Resin Embellishment - NIP - Scrapbooking, CardMaking, Wood Crafts-
5. EXTREMELY RARE Vintage GENESIS Concert T Shirt 1980. Invisible Touch Album Tour 1980.Red Devil With Apple&Leaf.Rocker/Hippie/Rockabilly-
6. Lucky Apple, Glittering Golden Apple, 1"diameter, Improve your Luck with This Lovely Lucky Apple-
7. Red and Green Apples LARGE.Sandwich Wrap / Teacher Gift-
8. Apples and Honey Bee Eco-Friendly LARGE Sandwich Wrap-

***WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ITEM FROM THE ITEMS ABOVE AND WHY? Voice your opinion in the comments below and be featured in the future boards of TREASURY MONDAY =)



  1. Thank you so much for featuring my "apple" themed items in your blog Mary Ann. Once again Iam honored!
    My fave is Debs, Jazz-Ups. I have been admiring them for sometime. More than several actually, to use in creating. Just havent had the finances. They are vintage 80's if I remember correctly, but many remind me of more Mid Century in style. I think they are wonderful as is and may other fun uses.

    1. I should further state that all of the great apple theme items are wonderful,beautiful and fun in their own ways. The colors, fabric choices, creativity and even spiritual "powers" that make them all so fabulous and unique. To choose just one is really a hard thing to do as each and every item is very special, and all have something about them that will make them even more terrific to those who choose them to purchase. That alone makes each item extraordinary : )

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my apple pin! I love that Genesis t-shirt!

    Great blog, Mary Ann. I'm going to add you to my blog roll!

  3. This is wonderful and so fitting! Thanks so much for including me! I like the apple fabric b/c I can see so many uses for it, and b/c, well, I'm addicted to fabric, LOL ;)

  4. Thank you Mary Ann for featuring my apple themed sandwich wraps. My fav is the apple pin!