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Inspired Jewelry Creations ..............
Kumihimo necklace with glass leaf pendant, brown kumihimo, dichroic leaf pendant by AliciasFindings
1. Tell me a little about yourself.
 I am an outgoing,fun loving crafty woman. I find inspiration in nature and things around me.I am an ever changing and evolving person.
2. Where does your inspiration come from when crafting?
 I find most of my inspiration from nature and things around me,but I also like to check out current trends and modify them to my taste.
3.Who taught you and how did you learn to craft?
 I taught myself how to do basic beading,but am always learning new techniques from friends and tutorials. My mother has always been a crafty person,so I think I get my love of crafting from her.
4.Any Specific Tips you have for newbie crafters starting a business in easy?
 Always stick it out,even if it seems like you are not getting anywhere. You also need to network and market yourself,just like a brick and mortar shop does.

 5. Name 3 websites you couldn’t live without.
Three websites I cannot live without hmmm? Facebook for keeping up with family and friends,Pinterest because I have a pin obsession and Google for all the great things you can do there!

 6. What are your 3 favorite shops and why
My three favorite shops on etsy:
a) BeadsfromHaven-she always has excellent supplies and is an awesome person.
b) KleanKristi- for her awesome lip balms and soaps,not to mention her friendship.
c) All of my fellow etsy team mates who have helped me in some way...this list is so long and I thank them from the bottom of my heart!!

 7. Where do you see your crafting business in 10 years?
I hope that my business gets me selling more with each passing day. I hope to be a regular at craft shows and a name that people recognize even if it is on a small scale. I wish to be making enough profit to not feel like I have to choose need over want.
visit her etsy shop @ What is your favorite item from her shop? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Oh darn, it looks like her shop is on vacation mode, I'll have to check back then, when she comes back. But I did peak at her sold items and there is a lot of pretty jewelry, especially the pink and silver sparkle set! :)

  2. Mary Ann, Thank you for sharing this with us! It is a beautiful items!

  3. Thank you for the feature of my shop! right now I am recovering from total right shoulder replacement,but will open back up as soon as I am more mobile.