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Gourmet Olive Oil Bread Dipping Seasoning Mix (Pesto), Organic, Handmade by Gagirljewelryandgift. What do you like about this seasoning mix? We’d like to hear from you!
1. Tell me a little about yourself.

 I am a stay at home wife and mother who has always loved crafting! I am a big fan of natural, organic products. My seasoning mixes are made with organic spices and herbs. My bath and body products are made with all natural ingredients.

 2.Where does your inspiration come from when crafting?

My inspiration comes from different things. Maybe just a thought I have. Sometimes from other items I see that I like. Also, like I said, I am big on natural products, so that influences a lot of my work. I like working with seashells, gemstones, and other natural items.

 3. Who taught you and how did you learn to craft?
I am self taught as far as most of my crafts! A lot of research and trial and error. I am a licensed cosmetologist, and have taken a course in natural health and healing.

 4. Any Specific Tips you have for newbie crafters starting a business in Etsy?

Take great pictures. Use a white background, and take close up shots. Use a program to lighten pictures that are too dark. Get involved with teams and build a network of friends. Promote, promote! Facebook, pinterest, twitter, rebelmouse, etc.

 5.Name 3 websites you couldn’t live without.

 Etsy, facebook, pinterest.

 6. What are your 3 favorite shops and why.

Simplysurina, TakUniqueDesigns, MLDesignWorks. I purchase a lot of my supplies on Etsy, and these shops have a lot of what I use! MLDesignWorks is where I get my shop banners and avis!

 7. IWhere do you see your crafting business in 10 years?

 hope to have a business that is doing well enough to pay bills and be self supporting!

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  1. I like that the mixes are organic!
    I use a lot of pesto in my cooking :)

    1. it looks so yummy! my family is starting out with an organic diet =)

  2. Wonderful shop feature! The dip looks amazing and is actually making my mouth water (it's lunch time!).
    I tried to visit her shop and am so sorry to hear about the loss of her father. My thoughts are with her and her family.

    1. im glad it's not only me who's mouth is watering with the looksof this seasoning =)

      that is so nice kim, im glad that some traffic to her shop is coming from this blog and I also feel bad about what happened. my condolonces to her and her family.

  3. Mouth watering!!!
    It's great that spice mix are organic. Since I moved to Turkey, I am lucky about organic products and spices :) Also will put some my ebay store next week.

    1. thanks yonca! it really looks delish! it is handmade so we can bet it is fresh=) cant wait to see your spices on ebay !