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Cute Water Dragon, Polymer Clay Pet, just add her to a nook, cranny or rock, she needs a home, not much space, Lily pad flower on her back

Mermaid Polymer Clay Pendant, Bubblegum Beads, Acrylic Beads, Chunky Beads, Girl's Necklace, Bead Kit, Bubble Gum, Girl's Geekery, Kawaii

Blue Eyeglass Lanyard,  Polymer Clay Bead Eyeglass Lanyard, Beaded Sunglass Lanyard, Gift for Her, OOAK Handmade Eyeglass Chain.

hot pink with yellow polymer clay rose pierced post earrings

Polymer clay flower necklace,bottle cap, semi precious stones,jewelry,

5 Dessert Polymer Clay Fimo Rods Canes  Cupcake Candy Ice Cream Cones DIY Make Your Own Nail Art, Jewelry,Scrapbooking, Crafts

***WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SHOP FROM THE SHOPS ABOVE AND WHY? Voice your opinion in the comments below and be featured in the future posts of THURSDAY HOTSHOPS =)


  1. MJJewelryAdventures is my favorite shop because MJ is a lovely person and seller. Her kindness and compassion radiates through her designs. Yay, MJ!!

  2. Ziporgiabella

    Is not only my favorite shop but my favorite saler she was, like an angel to me and I don't think she ever knew how her kind. Words and great items touched my life when I truley needed it so thank you I will never forget you for the SPECAIL person you are , and the. beautiful feeling your works of art brings to my heart

    1. you are absolutely right!!!! I've known Rachelle as a crafter for several years now and im so amazed at her creativity and versatility!

  3. I cannot pick a fave - these are great shops and even greater people behind them - love to see that - very caring and helpful store owners!

  4. Thank you for the feature! I love polymer clay, just wish I was better at it. My favorite is the roses by Shimmerbar.

  5. Wonderful collection Mama. Thank you for including my shop. I'm not formula with Shimmerbar. I'll have to check that shop out.