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MAKER MONDAYS: Candlemaking

All things Candle! from candle molds to candle holders....candles.

They are the last romantics, these candles:

Upside-down hearts of light tipping wax fingers,

And the fingers, taken in by their own haloes,

Grown milky, almost clear, like the bodies of saints.

It is touching, the way they’ll ignore

***WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SHOP FROM THE SHOPS ABOVE AND WHY? Voice your opinion in the comments below and be featured in the future posts of MAKER MONDAYS =)


  1. Wonderful shops featured here. I saw Warren posted this on FB.


  2. All of the shops are so great!! I do love my lotions and would have to say Soapart!
    Thank you Mama!

  3. I love this shop!

  4. Thanks for including me! I love all the shops! I recently got some naughty or nice Christmas tags from TAK that I'm using with my lump of coal soaps.

  5. As the candle maker of Country Rich. That would be my choice. :-)
    Thank you for the exposure for our company.
    I so enjoy the soaps we get fro SoapArt. Perfect for the grandbabies.

  6. Thanks for the feature here, Mama! I love Soap Art's sugar scrubs and soaps and Country Rich's candles too! I've gotten some pretty earrings and bracelets from CK and tags and magnets for TAK. All wonderful shops! Pam :~)