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TREASURY MONDAYS: How do you like your Chickens?

How do you like your Chickens? by mama chei on Etsy--Pinned with

1. Fluffy White Hen-Vintage Original Mother Goose Illustration-Blank Card-

2. May is Respect for Chickens Month! Vegan Message Pendant: Chickens Not Eggs-

3. Chicken Rooster Decorative Crocheted Wall Hanging Pot Holder-

4. Chicken Flock with Chicks Reproduction Print Downloadable, Printable, Digital Art Image - Instant Download-

5. Vintage Chunky Fun Buttons - Happy Yellow & Red Chick, 2 Buttons - Acrylic Button, Back Shank-

6. My Little Chick-a-Dees.Milk Glass Colorful Figurine,Topiary Style Basket.Embellished With Flowers And Bow.Retro/Mid Century/Kitch/Kawaii-

7.Seen on the Martha Stewart Show - Orange Daisy Bee - Lithuania Pysanky - Hand Etched Scratched Chicken Egg - Flower - Free Stand or Ornament-

***WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ITEM FROM THE ITEMS ABOVE AND WHY? Voice your opinion in the comments below and be featured in the future boards of TREASURY MONDAY =)


  1. Yay! Thanks so much for including my pendant! Peep peep peep!

  2. AAAK Where did my fabulous commentary go?????? I don't think I can do it again such as the first. OK, new computer, first real thing I've done with it, learning.So, I will give it another go as I am so very impressed with every item on the board. I reads about them all and found each piece to have their own special attributes that makes me so respect the artisans, history and everything that goes into being a great Etsy Shop. It is not such an easy decision to make when one reads and learns the inspirations behind each piece. I must say though I am especially impressed with the hand carved eggs. I know a lil bit about the technique and history behind them having been an art educator and a bit of an artist myself once. I must admit if I could create such interact and beautifully crafted pieces such as these eggs, I would forget about Law School,lol. All I can say "negative" about them is, WHO CARES ABOUT MARTHA STEWART? LOL She has Nothing to do with these amazing pieces. Ya, sure I'd likely brag about it too ; } As each egg created by the artisan by far stands on it's own merits!! But, if I was on a famous show for anything as GREAT that I had ever done. I'd surely be bragging too! As they certainly are something to be more than proud of for many reasons!! Another toughy placed on us by Mama. No less chickens as the topic,lol. Which she certainly did find some fabulous items for this blog. I really did find each item to have fabulous aspects and I enjoyed reading the reasons, process and inspirations of each piece. Thank you for including my lil vintage figurine among all these wonderful shops and the people who make them all so great.

  3. I love Letha's crochet chicken! It was difficult to choose as all the shops are so cute! But her crochet chicken just made me smile!! #3

  4. love them all, but the one that caught my eye (and tugged at my heart strings) is the chicken pot holder. i remember seeing similar ones in my grandmother's kitchen - used to pour the never-ending pot of stovetop coffee