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Daisy Guest Soap Set Lavender

The above handmade soap was made by Deb from Frontrangell, visit her shop at What is your favorite item from Deb's shop?

It is an honor to get to know Deb from Frontrangell. Here is the copy of her interesting story:

Front Range Lather and Lotions is a home based small business. I started making and selling bath and skin products when I had a second hand resale store and my staff each had young teen aged daughters. We needed to find them something to do for the summer. I had retired from the administration of the local school district and do not consider myself “crafty”, however, I did a search on the net and found several suppliers of candle making supplies and noticed they also carried soap making supplies. As a lover of the bath and growing up in the dry climate of Colorado I watched many U-Tube videos, made several small batches and fell in love. Due to the economy we had to close the resale store but I wanted to keep the soap business. After more research I created the ETSY store and here I am today with “The Soap Factory” (as my husband calls it) in my basement.

I have 3 major categories of product.

Skin Care -

Designer -

Just for Fun -

The advise that would give to someone looking to open a store on ETSY would be:

Be persistent
Research and study similar product stores
Continue to re-work you shop

The web is and will continue to be the most valuable resource in the future. I am learning Facebook, I use U-Tube, and visit sites of similar stores.

I believe in setting high standards in my work and life. In 10 years I will have a small manufacturing area with 3 employees processing, making and shipping orders for a continuous stream of customers. As much as I love creating my products the end result is to make a profit.

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