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1. Mini Metallic Zebra Print Top Hat-
2. Pair of Animal Print Pillows-
3. Crochet Scrubbie, Cotton Spa Washcloth- white-
4. Zebra Earrings-
5. Upcycled Jacket w/Vintage Jabot, Handmade Large Shawl & Long Skinny Scarf by "Pretty in Plus-
6.Belly Button Jewelry- Bow Belly Button Ring Black Animal Print Tiger Navel Piercing Bar Barbell-
7. Leopard Print Cell Phone Case-
8. Cheetah Print Cardigan Women's Sweater Vintage Cheetah Sweater Animal Print Sweater-

***WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ITEM FROM THE ITEMS ABOVE AND WHY? Voice your opinion in the comments below and be featured in the future boards of TREASURY MONDAY =)


  1. Love your theme! I'm wild about this collection! LOL! ~gwen

  2. Animal colors and prints are so
    popular and they are pretty too.
    I received a few requests to do faux
    leather and suede pillows as well as
    to make one side in the animal print ss I do already.
    I made several and they were stunning
    and the best part is that they need
    little cleaning.
    The faux leather and suede can be
    wiped off or brushed and the "look"
    remains fresh.
    Thanks for including my pillows.

  3. Great animal print treasury! Following you here and on Etsy!

    Check out my blog and follow me if you have the desire :)

  4. Very cool! Thank you so so much for your feature. I'll be sure to be placing another order with you soon. Thank you for always having such great customer service