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TEAM SPIRIT: Hip-hip-Hooray for Crafting Teams!

Teams is a community feature on Etsy where you can connect with other members. With Teams, you can gather at the crossroads of our marketplace and community, meet people with common interests, and collaborate. Shoppers can browse Teams by theme or location to find shops that might interest them.

It’s easy to join an existing team or create a new one where you can share information about running a business in your area, get advice from experienced members, or gather with peers to socialize. Shoppers may also use teams to browse by theme or location and find shops that might interest them.

Here are a few of our teams in etsy:

1. Community Treasury Team-

"we specialize in creating fun and friendly treasuries led by more than 1 curator. however we are not just a bns/bnr group, we love promoting and sales!"

2. Brilliant BNRs and BNS-

"A team for anyone who likes to participate in Brilliant, Beautiful BNS's,BNR's & Treasuries, Games, Contest and More. This team is dedicated to promote traffic and support for team members. "

3. Suppliers of Etsy-

"If you are a supply seller you are welcome :)

If you shop etsy and buy supplies you are welcome :)"

4. Etsy Blog Team-

"We want to help you use your blog in the most effective way. To teach you things you may not know about, and to provide a community of fellow readers, writers, and creators."

5. Crystal Creek Promotion-

"Helping each other promote in/outside Etsy through BNR, BNS, regular treasuries and social media."

6. Imaginations Creations Team-

" This is a team for anyone who loves to create things whether it is art, clothing, jewelry, etc... and is happy to promote their teammates and could use some help promoting their own shop as well. I think it's always fun to see what other people are making as well and showing support to your teammates and getting support in return."

7. Movie Night BNS Team-

"We love watching Movies and play trivia on various films in our BNS or BNRs that we run! "

8. California CHITCHAT-

"Welcome to the Chit Chat California Group Team. Come and join the talk when you can and share business ideas, life, kids stories, new projects, questions about etsy. It's always a fun place to meet casually."

9. Team Pay It Forward-
"Multi team, promoters, curators, hearting faving, giving back to others on the team, sharing, having fun, drama free zone"

10. Blogging Buddies-

" Blogging Buddies is being established as a way to stay connected through etsy after the forums disappear."

11. Extreme Teamwork Team-

"Please participate in a few of our team threads each week. By joining the team, you agree to be sent a convo for any of our team events"

12. Young At Heart Team-

"Our purpose is to learn from each other, while making new friends and having fun. Take part in BNRs and BNs and games to promote the team."

Which team do you belong in and why? Show your team spirit!


  1. Teams are great! Have made many Etsy friends through teams.

  2. I'm so glad I joined a few teams on Etsy, it's a great way to connect with people! I'm particularly proud to be apart of the UPTeam, it's a small group but that makes it really personable. I think it's important for international shops (outside the US) to support each other!

  3. Thank you so very much for including us here :) The Pay it Forward team is small, but we have big things happening too. This was such an honor to open my convo and see that we was chosen for this site. This made my day for our wonderful team and happy dancin today !!!!!!

  4. Thank you so much for including the Imagination Creations team ♥ I have met so many wonderful and talented people on my teams : )

  5. Thank you, thank you for mentioning The Pay it Forward Team! We greatly appreciate it and are always looking for wonderful Etsy sellers to join us. We love to pay it forward to each other and meet new people. This is a wonderful honor!

  6. I am a proud member of 4 of these teams as well a LEADER, that I say with honor and a bit of blushing on 2 of these fabulous teams. I find that like myself, many new shops to Etsy are a bit nervous about joining teams. All I can say is THANK GOODNESS I got over that! I have met the most wonderful and supportive people on these teams.And the greatest friends and Support System among all the fabulous people from other Esty Shops, who work together not only to support themselves and hopefully some sales. More importantly, they support me and each other as much, if not more than themselves. That is what it means to be on and a part of some really fabulous Etsy Teams : )

  7. Great features of the various teams! Great community for business resources and friendships. Thank you for posting about California Chit Chat too.

  8. Thanks for the this! I am following your blog and have tweeted this post!

  9. Oh boy...Seeing the snippet of Blogging Buddies description makes me realize I should really update that!
    Lots of these teams are familiar and some are new to me. =0) Thanks for sharing!