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Hand-woven Double North Star Non Tarnish Set , handmade by Leah Papa of 24kLuxe in Etsy. Leah is a close friend whose creativity and business sense served as an inspiration. Here is an excerpt from her website,
Leah Papa Designs creates and markets fashion-exclusive accessories sold in Felicity - The Shangri la Mall, Firma - Greenbelt 3 & Trinoma from 2006-2009. We showcase our designs and conveniently manage our online ordering system @ Selected designs are sold at The Landmark Makati & Trinoma. All products are hand made using techniques such as sculpting, knitting, wrapping & weaving. Some articles are embellished with our very own designer beads. (read more)
visit her Etsy shop @, what is your favorite item from Leah's shop? We'd like to know!
1. Tell me a little about yourself.

I started designing & creating fashion accessories in 2003, alongside a career in IT. I remember hunting for the best accessory to complement my dress back then. Long walks, lots of time spent, but nothing caught my eye. As soon as I got home, there was a bazaar at my place, one booth sold fashion accents/accessories... and BEADS! That's where it all started for me...being a BSM by education, the MATH in me found a partner ♥

I now sell to three big bookstore chains in my country. My FB page is I am lucky to have been featured in fashion magazines & some online reviews.

2. Where does your inspiration come from when crafting?
Most often, I have clients asking me to design something that would complement their outfits. I also get inspiration from nice and trendy clothes I see or have or from OOAK beads I just bought.

3. Who taught you and how did you learn to craft? I am a self learned multi media crafter. I am always intrigued at how things are made. I love working with wire most specially.

4. Any Specific Tips you have for newbie crafters starting a business in easy? Starting a business like this entails building a good relationship with clients. People have different views of what's pretty or nice. Respect the fact that "beauty" is subjective. Most importantly, take clear photos for your buyers to appreciate and take time to describe each piece or answer inquiries.

5. Name 3 websites you couldn’t live without.

6. What are your 3 favorite shops and why.
Simply put, this shop is a window to my creative soul
This is me sharing my collection of fab supplies
This shop is owned by one of the most trusted people I know, my childhood friend.

7. Where do you see your crafting business in 10 years?
I am in the midst of rebranding…. in 10 years i hope my new brand SOFI will be a common fashion lingo.


  1. Great interview! I love hearing what inspired other artists and crafters. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Interesting read! It's great to be introduced to Leah and learn a little about her and her creative business.

  3. What a great New Year's gift! Thank you so much for the feature! I just launched my new brand, Sofi. Do visit my new site and like my new page

  4. such an amazing crafter! it's an honor to feature 24kluxe now SofiStyles in my blog! Leah and I grew up side by side but she didn't show any signs or interest in crafting or jewelry-making. to this day, I am in awe of her talent and creativity!