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How to Cook Adobo


·         1 kg pork (cut into cubes)

·         1/2 kg chicken (cut into cubes)

·         1/2 cup Soy sauce

·         1 clove garlic (chopped)

·         ½ onions (chopped)

·         1 pack laurel leaves (optional)

·         ½ cup vinegar

·         1 cup water

·         1 tbsp salt

·         1 tbsp sugar (optional)

·         1 tsp black pepper

·         1 tbsp olive oil

1. Pre-heat the frying pan on high heat.
2. Put the oil on the very hot pan.
3. Put garlic, and onions to the hot frying pan.
4. Saute pork and chicken until it turns light brown on medium heat. Mix the pork and chicken well for evenly cook. To reduce fat, you can saute the pork first and let the fats dissolve. Remove excessive oil from the frying pan (saturated fats are not good for our cardiovascular health).
6. Pour water, vinegar, laurel leaves and soy sauce, and then simmer it for 15-20 minutes on medium heat with constant stirring.
7. After 15-20 minutes, add black pepper, salt and sugar to taste.
8. Serve your Filipino adobo in a bowl. Servings are good for 3-5 persons.


  1. Hello Thirdeardear! Or Mary Ann. I've made a post about your recipe. It's really a nice recipe to cook. I would like to guest post on your blog. You can guest post on my blogs too. I want to hear from you. Let's help each other build traffic on our blogs. Thanks!

    1. thank you rocky! im going to work on a recipe post for you. I love cooking adobo, its my failsafe recipe...and I love that my kids love it too =) cooking is very much a craft!